JCI Class Action Settlement

If you have received a letter informing you of a Class Action Settlement for JCI (Johnson Controls) HVAC equipment that you have had installed at your property and have inquired about your eligibility, we hope this post better explains the situation and clarifies whether you are eligible or not. As stated below we recommend contacting the Settlement Administrator listed in the letter for further information. If you have had a coil failure in either your condensing coil or evaporator coil you may be eligible for a payment towards those expenses. The settlement does NOT, however, pay for the entire repairs.

This letter (CLICK HERE FOR PDF COPY) is a notice of the Class Action Settlement sent to Keyes North Atlantic from our local JCI (Johnson Controls) vendor which details the actions needed to be taken if you have a JCI (Johnson Controls) HVAC system which is currently under warranty and has a confirmed refrigerant leak in the condenser coil or evaporator coil. Please note that the letter is directed at consumers with a failed coil only, not a refrigerant leak in any piping or fittings outside of the cooling/heating equipment. The following summary is our current understanding of the situation and proper actions to be taken if you have experienced this issue. We do, however, recommend contacting the Settlement Administrator which is listed in the letter for further information.

The letter sent to consumers states that “JCI denies all of the claims in the lawsuit, but has agreed to the Settlement in order to avoid the cost and uncertainty of protracted litigation and trial.”

The equipment covered under this settlement is all manufacturers listed in the letter which is still under the factory 5 year warranty or extended 10 year warranty that has a confirmed refrigerant leak in the evaporator coil (interior unit) or in the condensing unit (exterior unit). This does NOT cover parts, fittings, piping or other components of the system that have a leak. It is limited to the two coils only. If you have a single confirmed leak they will pay $75.00 towards future maintenance and service in the means of a service certificate. If you experience two or more failures you will receive up to $550.00 for each system (max of $ 1,100.00 for all replacements).

Please contact Keyes North Atlantic’s Service Department if you need to schedule a repair.