Losing Power During Storms?

Losing Power During Storms? A Natural Gas Generator May be the Solution.

Natural gas generators are extremely beneficial and have the ability to turn over your electricity within seconds of a power loss keeping you and your family going with some of the things we cannot live without – refrigeration, lighting, heating, etc.

Standby power generators can be designed to carry the electrical needs of pre-selected appliances and lights, or your entire house. There is a range of manufacturers and capacities to meet your home’s unique needs. Both 120 volt and 240 volt circuits can be automatically powered whenever the utility power is down or unstable.

Kohler gas generator

Kohler gas generator

Auto-start means that you don’t need to be home when the utility power fails. A transfer switch safely provides power from the generator until your regular power returns. Natural gas fired units allow you to have power without the need to manually re-fuel with gasoline, and a control system to access the generator remotely is also available.

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