The Advantage of a Mitsubishi City Multi VRF System

As construction continues to improve and homes increase in size, the need for additional micro-zones are required to properly heat and cool the space. In addition, the restrictions with building codes and stringent requirements for placement of mechanical systems make it more challenging for contractors to work in the HVAC field.

Mitsubishi City Multi Tenant Billing Software

Mitsubishi City Multi Tenant Billing System

Well, Mitsubishi has done a great job of solving this problem with many manufacturer’s following there innovative approach. Variable-refrigerant-flow-systems (VRFS) now allow us to use a smaller quantity of exterior condensing and heat pump units in order to reduce the overall footprint of the equipment to serve many interior fan coil units all off of central refrigerant circuits. This allows us to have say (16) fan coil units connected to one single outdoor condensing unit serving (5) individual apartments. And the best part is all of the apartments can be billed individually for there use of the system by metering the electricity consumption with tenant-billing software.

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