Solar Hot Water.

Thermal Solar System

Project Description

High-efficiency Boiler and Solar System

This project in Dover including the installation of a dual high-efficiency gas boiler plant with an indirect fired dual-coil water heater to store potable water for the house.

The dual-coil tank was fed from the boiler, as well as a thermal solar array located on the roof.

An Apollo Energy Monitoring system was installed to monitor the effectiveness of the solar system and tracked BTU (British Thermal Unit) performance.

Project Details:

  • (2) Lochinvar high-efficiency boilers
  • 60-evacuated tube solar array
  • Dual-coil indirect fired water heater
  • Solar pumping station
  • Variable-speed ECM circulator pumps
  • Apollo Energy Monitoring system
  • Integrated control system

Lochinvar high efficiency boiler piping

Rooftop Solar Thermal

Sun Reports Solar Monitoring System

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