High Efficiency Heating.

Bench seat heating elements

Project Description

Variable-refrigerant-flow-system (VRFS)

This project up at a farm in Topsfield, MA was unique in many ways. We had three buildings to heat and cool and we did that using underground pipe runs for both hot water and refrigeration.

(2) main boilers in the guest house mechanical room served the entire property. Large insulated hot water piping ran through the ground and connected to remote manifolds located in each building heating local radiation in the form of cast iron radiators, baseboard and built in radiation within bench seating.

A remote Mitsubishi condensing unit located behind the garage served the cooling needs of the three buildings. Refrigeration piping ran through the ground and connected to remote manifolds in each building before connecting to small fan coils throughout the living areas.

Additional heating elements included radiant in-floor heating in various locations, a pool heat exchanger and ventilation system for bathroom, dryer and kitchen exhausting.

Project Details:

(2) Lochinvar efficiency boilers

(1) condenser plant totaling 20-tons

Exterior refrigeration and hot water piping buried in the ground with remote manifolds

In-floor radiant heating

Pool heat exchanger

Variable-speed condensing and air handling units

Mitsubishi integrated central control system

Bathroom, dryer and kitchen exhaust systems

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