Private School – Cambridge.

Variable refrigerant flow (VRFS)

Project Description

Mitsubishi City Multi Cooling and Heating System

KNA just wrapped up a new heating and cooling installation for the 10,000 square foot administration building for a private school in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This new variable-refrigerant-flow-system replaced an old single pipe steam system bringing the building from 1-zone of heating to 33-zones of cooling and heating.

Project Details:

  • Engineering services for new system design.
  • Demolition of existing steam boiler and distribution system.
  • (3) Mitsubishi heat pump condensing unit plants totaling 36-tons.
  • (33) individual fan coil units.
  • Modulating fresh air system integrated with the new cooling and heating system.
  • Central control system with interface to existing building management system (BMS).
  • New 200-ampre and 100-ampre electrical feeders connecting to the buildings 1200-amore service.
  • Line and low voltage electrical wiring.

System Highlights:

  • Variable capacity system allowing for optimal performance during any weather condition with micro-zone control.
  • Quiet indoor fan coil units provide individual conditioning in each of the offices, assembly hall, music room and entrance.
  • Control integration allows for remote-access and control of all zones.
  • A modulating fresh air system brought the building up to code and provides fresh air based on occupancy of the assembly hall.
  • Heat pump units are remote with underground piping into the building concealing exterior equipment.

Mitsubishi City Multi


Mitsubishi City Multi

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